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In You’ve Got Freight! players assume the role of a logistics service
provider who is responsible to transport containers from a seaport to
a hinterland destination, through a network with multiple origins,
destinations, transport modes and intermodal terminals. During the
game, players individually and collectively experience the
opportunities and benefits of synchromodal transport.
Central elements in the game include varying costs and speeds of 3
modes of transport, the use of dynamic and flexible shipment
planning and (un-)bundling possibilities at terminals. Players are
challenged in multiple rounds to exploit the trade-off between
benefits of collaboration and individual profits. During the game, they
become aware of essential supporting aspects of synchromodal
transport, such as trust, data sharing, negotiation and compensation.
Eventually, group solutions can be found with a higher performance
for all, compared to solutions developed in isolation.
The game is best played by 4 teams of 2 players, per board (game
sets come with 2 boards). A game session can take up to several
hours for multiple rounds. Importantly, we offer digital monitoring and
support, as well as a pre- and post-game briefing of participants, to
enhance the learning experience.

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