North Sea Port

North Sea Port

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Versatile, multimodal and with plenty of space for development: that is North Sea Port.
North Sea Port is a multimodal port. We’re right in the middle of all European waterways, railways and highways. This enables us to replace road transportation by more sustainable ways of transporting goods such as inland vessels, rail and pipeline.
Over half the goods carried between the port and the hinterland are transported by inland vessels. North Sea Port is focusing hard on container transport by means of inland shipping between Rotterdam, Antwerp and the port, and between Antwerp, North Sea Port and Lille. For seagoing vessels, the Port offers worldwide direct liner services. There are numerous inland shipping an rail connections as well. It has a number of multimodal terminals to serve these modalities. With all the modalities North Sea Port is a key link in your supply chain management.
The Port is also an unique combination of a deep-sea port and a seaport located 32 kilometers inland along the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. Draughts range from 17m by the sea (Vlissingen) to 12.5 m inland. Our port is easily accessible near the North Sea. In addition, the port area is served by an extensive network of hinterland connections.





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